If you submit an application and receive an Error Page with an error message please do not submit application again. Instead please search eservices by Applicant name to confirm if the application was submitted successfully or alternatively contact the BCSC Review and Intake Officer in Legal Services at 604-899-6854 to confirm if the application was received by the BCSC
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Exempt Distribution

Search reports of exempt distribution

Find exempt distribution reports and related materials, including offering memorandums, filed by BC-based issuers that have distributed securities worldwide, and other issuers that have distributed securities in BC. Filings that used Form 45-902F are not available on our website, see BCN 2003/24 for more information.

For Exemptions effective prior to June 20, 2016, select “All exemptions” in the Exemption relied on drop down list.

You can only search for reports filed prior to July 25, 2023. Go to SEDAR+ for reports filed after July 25, 2023.

To file a report of exempt distribution, go to SEDAR+. For further information contact the CSA Service Desk at 1-800-219-5381 or [email protected].

Amendments to reports filed in eServices on or before September 13, 2005 or submitted in paper format must be submitted electronically in SEDAR+. Use the ‘Create a report of exempt distribution’ link and enter the BCSC EDER Reference Number where required. If you have any questions, please contact Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance Group by email [email protected].