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Exempt Distribution

Submit a report of exempt distribution

Some issuers are required to file reports of exempt distribution and pay the related fees electronically using the BCSC eServices. An investment fund filing a Form 45-106F1 on an annual basis has the option to submit payment by cheque instead of paying electronically. For more information, see BCI 13-502 Electronic filing of reports of exempt distribution and related Companion Policy 13-502CP.

Form 45-106F1 and related policies were amended effective October 5, 2018.

The instrument requires reports of exempt distribution to be filed using the web-based filing system. Schedules 1 and 2 of the reports must be provided in the prescribed templates and filed as Excel spreadsheets in the .xlsx format.

All other documents filed through eServices (other than reports of exempt distribution and Schedules 1 and 2 of reports) must be PDF-generated files, not scanned images, and must be unsecured. eServices does not accept files larger than 20 MB. Please contact Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance, by email finreport@bcsc.bc.ca for direction on how to file documents that exceed 20 MB.

The system will calculate the report filing fee, which the filer can pay by a credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT)New window.

Search reports of exempt distribution

Find and review exempt distribution reports and related materials, including offering memorandums, filed by BC-based issuers that have distributed securities worldwide, and other issuers that have distributed securities in BC. Filings that used Form 45-902F are not available on our website, see BCN 2003/24 for more information.

For Exemptions effective prior to June 20, 2016, select “All exemptions” in the Exemption relied on drop down list.

Manage your reports

View your previously filed reports, complete reports that you have saved, and amend reports. You can also manage access to reports. If you give another person access to a report, that person will be able to view, edit and amend the report, as well as modify others' access. We recommend that you grant at least one additional person access to the reports you create.

Reports filed before September 13, 2005 or submitted in paper format prior to the implementation of BCI 13-502 require amendment by paper filing. If an amendment is required, please contact Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance Group by email finreport@bcsc.bc.ca.